Ukulele (k-1)


A little about Ukulele...
Ukuleles are small musical instruments with 4 strings. Ukuleles are usually made of wood and have fretted necks.They were developed in Hawaii during the 19th century, after Spanish seafarers had introduced guitars to the islands. In Hawaiian, 'ukulele' means 'jumping flea'.
Maybe best of all is that ukuleles are simple. While many instruments require hundreds (or thousands) of hours of training before you can reasonably enjoy playing them in public, it is perfectly adapted for young children eager to start learning on chords instruments.

Class Focus

  • With open chord tuning and four strings, the Ukulele classes are accessible and fun for all new K-1 students.
  • Students learn chords,rhythm, songs, and melodies. Games and activities are a regular part of class.
  • Students learn a little bit at a time, then practice it at speed until they are comfortable with it, and then move on.
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