Class Objectives

    Students will explore the basics of a foreign language such as French.

  • Introduce themselves and others
  • Learn how to talk about their environment, living spaces, describe their family and friends
  • Participate in simple games oriented activities
  • Explore and compare the products, practices and perspective of people from different parts of the world
  • Goals

    Foreign language courses develop students skills in communication across cultural, ideological, ethnic and national boundaries, and help students develop an understanding of other cultures and pattern of thought.

    Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate basic communicative skills (e.g speaking, listening) in a language other than the student native language.
  • Compare and contrast the difference and similarities between the cultures and communities of the foreign languages and your own.

We recommend

Bonjour de France
Bonjour de France is a beginner website that brings young students the tools and support to improve their french while having fun
Monde de Titounis
Monde des titounis is a site about rhymes and stories created by a passionate Mom.

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