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The first incarnation of what is now called the guitar first appeared during the Renaissance. The Renaissance guitar contained four pairs of strings called courses and shared most similarities with the Spanish vihuela, a six-coursed instrument with similar tuning and construction. Juan Bermudo published "Declaración de Instrumentos Musicales" in 1555, a treatise containing a section on plucked string instruments.

Class Focus


The age-appropriate Curriculum includes chord strumming, string picking, and rhythmic playing.
Students :
  • In the Guitar Classes, students learn the fundamentals of understanding music through popular songs and hands-on experience playing the guitar.
  • Gain the knowledge they need to perform their favorite pop, rock, and folk songs. They will also gain the strongest of foundations to lead the way for further musical exploration.
Class time incorporates musical games, focused practice, and ensemble work to play songs together as a group.



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Music Tools and Resources for Students
The Online Tuner is a free web application to help you tune your string music instruments. You can choose the microphone tuning or tune-by-ear versions. This version supports electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo, mandolin, viola, and cavaco.
The Metronome is a simple but very effective tool to help musicians play their music. It makes steady beats or pulses at adjustable times and help the users keep the pace and rhythm. It is an important tool for music students so they can maintain their tempo while they learn how to play a music instrument.


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